Eco weddings in the Whitsundays

Eco weddings: can your dream wedding be an eco wedding?

Being concerned about the environment is part and parcel of life in the 21st century. A wedding is a huge event, and there are lots of things you can do to make your wedding day eco-friendly, without compromising on style or quality.

There are so many little ways you can make a difference, and here are just some of the myriad ideas out there to offset the carbon footprint of your wedding…

• If you’re flying here for the wedding, purchase carbon offset for all your flights and encourage your guests to do the same

• Send your invitations out online and encourage RSVPs the same way

• Reduce the need for printing and paper by having shared table menus and a table seating plan but no name cards – guests can be directed to their tables and select their own seats.

• Buy a second-hand or vintage dress. It’s been made once, but rarely do they get worn more than once! Find a gorgeous dress and have it tailored to suit, it’s not only eco-friendly but will save you money too and it’s so chic right now.

online wedding invitations, seating plans but no place cards, vintage wedding gowns

• Organise a bus to transport all of your guests from their hotels to the ceremony and the reception in one vehicle to reduce emissions, they’ll also appreciate thesocial atmosphere on board.

• Remove the need for transport altogether by choosing a venue that can host both your ceremony and reception, and accommodate your guests as well! Have a look at Hamilton Island, or Déjà Vu on Water’s Edge as a fabulous wedding venue with accommodation.

• Choose simple, elegant, fold-out chairs for your ceremony, instead of chair covers and wraps to save on laundering

elegant, simple, fold out chairs, or choose venue that can host your ceremony, reception and your guests all in one

• Choose all local suppliers, eg. Celebrants, photographers, florists, it will save significant travel miles. Find local Whitsunday wedding suppliers at

• Have your ceremony and reception outside in daylight, it’s the cheapest form of lighting! For energy-efficient night-time lighting, have your wedding by candlelight, and/or opt for energy-efficient fairy lights.

• Choose local flowers for your bouquet and decorations, not only is it helping to reduce transport costs, it will also suit a wedding in the tropics perfectly to choose locally grown blooms. Speak to a local florist about what will best suit your theme

Tropical blooms and romantic lighting are a highlight of a Whitsunday wedding and eco-friendly too!

• Steer away from disposable items such as balloons, streamers, straws, paper serviettes or decorations.

• Rice or confetti can endanger local birds and wildlife if used as a throw at the ceremony. Have rose petals instead, they’re bio-degradable and beautiful at the same time.

• Have a Whitsunday honeymoon! You won’t need to fly to your destination, saving further carbon emissions. There are some beautiful environmentally conscious resorts on the islands, in Airlie Beach or have a honeymoon on the water by chartering a yacht, or experiencing Reefsleep.

A Whitsunday honeymoon is a wonderful idea

Of course, if you’ve always dreamt of a honeymoon overseas, don’t stress too much about it. It’s your special time after all. The environment, and your guests, will appreciate all the little touches you are doing to make your wedding more eco-friendly. Imagine the impact if everyone took on just a handful of these little things each!

Here’s our challenge to you: can you incorporate at least 3 of these eco-friendly ideas into your wedding?

We welcome your thoughts, so if you have more ideas you think we could add to the above list, please leave a comment below.