Wedding traditions

There are so many traditions tied up in weddings, that it’d simply be impossible to follow them all. But do you know the origins of some of the more popular traditions?

Many wedding traditions come from the idea that nasty spirits would try to disrupt the wedding and bring bad luck to the bride and groom. This is where the tradition of wearing a veil comes from, the veil was to hide the bride from the spirits. Likewise, the reason why bridesmaids and groomsmen became part of a wedding party was so that the spirits would be confused as to who exactly the bride and groom were! Originally, bridesmaids were dressed the same as the bride. Perhaps that’s why Pippa Middleton wore ivory, the same shade as her sister Kate’s dress, at Kate’s wedding to Prince William!

Whitsunday white weddings and Pippa and Kate Middleton

Have you heard of the phrase “three times a bridesmaid, never a bride”? That’s linked in with this too, as the thought was that if a woman had been a bridesmaid, and therefore an evil spirit decoy, three times, she would have attracted enough spirits to herself that she would never marry.

There are a couple of sweet traditions that are easily done today, whether intentionally or not. It is good luck for the bride to be woken by birdsong. So maybe that cacophony of cockatoos one sometimes wakes up to in the Whitsundays is a good omen! It’s also considered lucky for the bride to travel over water on her way to the wedding. If you elope to Whitehaven by seaplane, it’s not only an amazing location for your ceremony, it’s also good luck.

Elope to Whitehaven Beach. Enjoy the work of wonderfully talented Whitsunday wedding cake makers

There are also a couple of traditions we can probably do without. It is said to be good luck for the bride to find a spider in her wedding gown! No thank you! In the common theme of bridesmaids also trying to “land husbands”, old wives tales say that the chief bridesmaid should carry around a piece of the wedding cake in her pocket, for the entire duration of the honeymoon, if she hopes to marry soon. Imagine what that would be like after a 3-month-long European honeymoon! In this day and age, our local Whitsunday wedding cake makers are so fabulous, that we doubt there’d be any of the cake left!

What other traditions have you heard of? Do you have any special family traditions? Are you going to do something completely untraditional? We’d love you to share your thoughts with us below.